Sundry Fees

Item Fees (USD)
Certified Cheque: A customer issued cheque, to which the funds have been certified and withdrawn from the account $10.00
Local Draft: A bank issued certified cheque which is greater then $1,000 USD and with a identified Payee. $25.00
Mail Transfer: A fee which is applied when transmitting a mail transfer $5.00
Min Overdraft Monthly Charge: The minimum monthly amount charged to an account that is overdrawn during a month. $15.00
ABM Mini - Statement: A printed list of the last 10 transactions processed through the account Free
Overdraft Handling Charge: The amount charged to an account for each item that causes the account to go into an overdrawn position, or that causes the account to exceed the amount of the authorized overdraft credit limit. $10.00
NSF Cheque: Non-sufficient funds in the account at the time that a cheque is being withdrawn from the account $25.00
Returned Cheque: Item deposited and subsequently charged back (any reason - any currency) $25.00
Safekeeping: The storage of assets or other items of value in a protected area $50.00
Safety Deposit Box Rental Fee: A fee charged for renting a safety deposit box at the branch. Fee dependent of box size. $40.00 - $85.00
Duplicate Statement Fee: A fee charged to re-issue the monthly account statement $5.00
Stop Payment: An automated "stop" request on a pre-authorized payment or cheque being withdrawn from the customers account, at the customers request $15.00
Wire Transfer Fee: The minimum fee the bank will charge for transmitting a wire transfer Min $30.00